No. 150 NAI DFA ES Box 33 File 232

Robert Brennan to John Chartres (Edward Seaton)1 (Berlin)

(No.8) (Copy)

Dublin, 25 August, 1921

A Chara,
I have not received a letter from you since No. 6 dated 9th July 1921.2

I dare say you are disappointed that you have not been kept better informed on the situation here. Apart, however, from the difficulties, it was the policy here to preserve the greatest reticence. Before you get this you probably will have become aware through the newspapers of the contents of the latest communication to the B.[ritish] G.[overnment] and will be in a position to judge whether the negotiations are likely to continue. The people here are prepared for either eventuality peace or war and it is being made clear that the only basis of negotiation will be Government by the consent of the governed. We are prepared to defend that principle to the last and it will be your task to make it clear that that is the principle we are defending. We have shown we are willing to consider England's strategic claims even though we consider these claims unjust _ that we are willing to yield much to the prejudices of N.[orth] E.[east] Ulster though we know that the situation there is an artificial one created in England's interests. But we are not prepared to yield without resistance to an aggression based on claims which, if allowed, would deprive any small nation in Europe of its independence at the hands of an Imperial neighbour.

As soon as Sean T. [O'Ceallaigh] returns to Paris I would like you to go there and see him. He will be able to tell you much that I cannot in this and he has also some things to communicate to you which you will find necessary in the matter of more satisfactory communications. You might also give him the key to the numerical code you are using as I am still in the dark as to it.

N.[ancy] [Wyse] P.[ower] will leave here about the 8th proximo.

With best respects,

1 Edward Seaton, to whom the letter was addressed, was the pen name of John Chartres.

2 Not printed.

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