No. 244 NAI DFA ES Box 30 File 195

Department of Foreign Affairs to Joseph Connolly (New York)

(Personal) (Copy)

Dublin, 13 February 1922

A Chara,
I have your manuscript letter of February 11th.1

It is hard for you in America to realise the confusion which in certain respects exists at present. There are two Governments, an enormous amount of work is suddenly thrown upon us, staffs have been increased, and new men have been taken on for new work. It is impossible for the head of any one Department to know everything that is being done by any particular branch or official of another Department, even if regular routine had been established. I do not suppose that any head of a Department could be kept constantly advised of all the matters which might interest him in regard to the activities outside his own control. We, all of us, must occasionally suffer the mortification of having some of our work overlooked, some of our plans upset, some of our achievements scrapped. I know I need not say this to you for I know you realise it as well as I do. I can only remind you that what is occurring in relation to the banking proposition is one of the incidents which may be expected from time to time.

In regard to the matters which will come within the province of the Consulate and the matters with which it need not bother, a final or definite ruling or regulation is hardly to be expected at the present stage. If you see work to be done which nobody else is doing, fire away and do it, even if this should lead to a certain amount of duplication of activity. It is better than essential things should not be attended to.

Mise le meas,2

1 Not Printed.

2 Copy Letter is unsigned.

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