No. 56 NAI DFA ES Box 34 File 241

Cornelius Duane to Desmond FitzGerald (Dublin)

BERLIN, 6 April 1923

A Chara:

You are, I am sure, aware by this time that I have taken over the office and the office funds from Mr. Bewley. In his letter dated April 61 he has pointed out to you the enormous increase in the cost of living in Berlin as well as the increased work which, owing to his retirement falls to me. He has also informed you that the last instalment of my salary should have been paid on the 15th of last month. I believe moreover that he explained to you fully the exact position of a foreigner living at present in Berlin. I am sure you will appreciate the case and consequently that you will have hardly any objections to increase considerably my present rate of remuneration here. As a matter of fact I can scarcely manage to float myself on £200. I would suggest to you that under the new circumstances my salary should be on the basis of £500 a year. Otherwise I would have to consider seriously the advisability of retiring if I am still allowed what I consider to be an insufficient yearly salary.

Of course I can assure you that, come what may, I do not intend to treat you in the manner you have experienced quite recently from another of the European capitals.2

I should be glad to hear from you on this matter as soon as possible as at present I may frankly say that I am at the end of my financial resources. I should also like to make suggestions to you as to how the proposed new salary might be paid to me.

Le meas mór,
[signed] C. Ó DUBHÁIN

1Not printed.

2Possibly a reference to Leopold Kerney in Paris.

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