No. 123 NAI NEBB Papers Box 25

Extract from a letter from E.M. Stephens to Kevin O’Shiel (Geneva)

DUBLIN, 17 September 1923

A chara,

The moral effect which joining the League of Nations has produced in this country far exceeds anything that was anticipated. It seems to have convinced the people that the Treaty really did secure international recognition as a separate State. It has also had a tremendous effect on the northern question. The 'Times' and even the 'Morning Post' suggest settlements of the Boundary, question and discuss the whole matter from a much more reasonable point of view.

Rumours have appeared in the Press that steps were being taken to register the Treaty. Curiously enough this has produced almost as great an impression as joining the League itself. Even Mary MacSwiney has said that if the Irish representatives succeed in having the Treaty registered they would have done a good thing for the country. How she reconciles this with the idea that the Treaty imposes permanent slavery on the country I do not know. You can however see from this statement that the irregulars feel the whole Geneva transactions the greatest blow they have yet received.

A statement appeared in today's Press from the Attorney General that the registration of the Treaty had not been considered. There is a feeling here that if the Treaty is not registered after what has been said that it will be because England has succeeded in preventing it. Could you let me know what is being done. Judging from opinion here I think its registration has become absolutely essential to our case with the north. Waller has been out sick for the last few days. I will get him to write you his views as soon as he returns.

[Matter omitted]

Mise le meas,
[copy letter unsigned]

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