No. 29 NAI DFA ES Paris 1924-26

Joseph P. Walshe to Vaughan Dempsey (Paris)

DUBLIN, 2 February 1923

A Chara,

In reply to your letters to the Minister and to myself, I am to say that the difficulty of the Paris position is fully recognised. We are taking the first steps to regularise it by informing the British Government that SEAN MURPHY has been appointed Acting Trade and General Agent. The letter has been sent through the Governor General to-day. The British Government has been asked to make known Sean Murphy's position to the British Ambassador in Paris and to the French Foreign Office. I enclose a patent for him, and one for you to be used in his absence, both in duplicate.

Mr. Kerney's last draft £300 was sent by us on the 8th December. The Minister agrees that it is essential to maintain official dignity at all costs and to avoid any unseemly 'bickering'. It might be well to write Kerney about the Office effects and Finance. Merchants here will of course have nothing more to do with him and I can't believe that he will wish to keep the files of their correspondence.

As to getting the French Authorities to move, great prudence must be exercised and the antics, if any, of the irregulars in Paris must be regarded in their proper perspective.

The Minister thinks it wiser to have somebody of Bourgeois' type at hand in case of need even if the need arises rarely. He would like to know if Sean Murphy's view agrees with yours on this point.

For the moment you cannot do more than watch events, replying to communications as far as possible.

We shall advise you when we hear that your position is known to the British and French Authorities.

Le meas,
[signed] S.P. BREATHNACH

Patents will be forwarded in Irish & French within a few days. Thanks 'Carte Politique'

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