No. 276 UCDA P4/419

Handwritten letter from William T. Cosgrave to Hugh Kennedy

Dublin, 30 September 1924

I enclose herewith for your comments a proposal1 which has been made in connection with the Boundary.

It is in the strictest confidence that I am sending it & is with a view to getting your advice generally on the proposals.

There are some which appear to me to be unworkable but I prefer not to do more in the matter writing to you than to say that.

The general line - ultimate unity is good. It can come in many ways - it may come eventually if we have good government down here but good .....2 from a relatively poor country & from a people so long divorced from any respect for order.

I do not wish anyone to know that I have consulted you in the matter & perhaps to avoid any possible complication you might - if time permits - type any suggestions.

With many thanks in anticipation & of course a wish that the whole of the proposal be considered in its every respect. That is to say what you think of the proposal as a whole & in its parts.

Mise, le meas mór agat,
Liam T. MacCosgair

I would want an opinion by 10 AM - as the council meets at 11.

L.T. MacC

1 Not identified,but possibly No.274 above.

2 There are four words here which are illegible.

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