No. 237 NAI DT S3328

Desmond FitzGerald to Michael MacWhite (Geneva)
(Strictly Confidential)

Dublin, 1 July 1924

A chara,

We are sending you herewith two copies of the Treaty certified by the President, to be handed in to the Registration Office at the League of Nations immediately for registration. This is to be done quietly and unostentatiously. There is to be no publicity whatever in the matter, and there is no need for other people to be told, even confidentially.

If the League people make any question about it[,] refer to us immediately by code telegram if feasible: otherwise by letter, and please keep us informed of everything relating to this matter. If for instance, after you have handed these documents in[,] information on the matter becomes known and you are questioned about the matter, please let us know nature of questions and the names of questioners.

I am sure you will realise fully how important it is that these instructions be carried out literally.

Mise, le meas,
[copy letter unsigned]
Minister for External Affairs

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