No. 380 NAI DFA 26/95

Letter from Seán Lester to Francis T. Cremins (Dublin)

Geneva, 12 June 1930

Dear Frank,

O'Kelly has been kind enough to send me a copy of his letter to the Dept. of yesterday's date1 regarding his conversation with the Minister for Salvador at Paris. His suggestion that we should direct our activities in a general way and with our eyes fixed on Norway instead of China as our real rival raises an absolutely vital point in our campaign. It is quite true that Hambro2 and perhaps others have no love for the South American group and have not hesitated to express strong opinions regarding the three seats and other matters. From Guerrero's remarks it seems likely therefore that they will vote against Norway and for both China and us. I am afraid that this will reduce the value of their vote for us by 50% if not more. I must say that I believe that Norway will be elected - I have been working on that assumption all along. I shall not fail to report any opinions that I gather which might be useful to headquarters in reconsidering the matter if you desire me to do so. In the absence of any comment on previous letters (such as that reporting the talk with Dufour Feronce in which I made some remark to the effect that I thought that both China and Ireland could not be elected) I shall continue to regard China as our danger point. In any case it will, I am sure, be thought well to advise me of the decision on my Parisian colleague's suggestion.

Thanks for Coyne's3 address. I shall write to him.

[signed] Seán Lester

1 See No. 379.

2 Norwegian representative on the League Council.

3 Thomas Coyne.

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