No. 1 NAI DFA Unregistered Papers

Memorandum by John J. Hearne on outstanding matters in British-Irish relations

Dublin, 10 March 1932

Secretary. The following is a list of administrative matters in course of discussion between the British Government and ourselves:

  1. Reciprocal enforcement of judgments and Court Orders.
  2. Sealing of Probates.
  3. Lunatics' estates in Northern Ireland.
  4. Return of fugitive offenders..
  5. Jurisdiction over Lough Foyle.
  6. Transfer of Irish Lights to Irish Government.
  7. Veterinary Surgeons' Charter.
  8. Form of Preference Clause in Most-Favoured-Nation Treaties.
  9. Office of Arms.
  10. Royal Hospital, Kilmainham.
  11. Handing over of certain documents to Northern Ireland.

In addition, certain other matters arising out of Commonwealth Conference discussions have to be dealt with, e.g., Nationality, the Privy Council and amendment of the Constitution providing for the deletion of provisions relat?ing to reservation of Bills.

The question of repatriation of Irish nationals receiving poor relief in Great Britain has again been raised by the British Government.

It will be recalled that, as is clear from the Commonwealth Conference Report 1930, all documents relating to the appointment of the Governor-General, Instructions to the Governor-General and the Letters Patent creating the office of Governor-General may be revised in any way whatever by the Government of the Irish Free State.

[signed] JOHN J. HEARNE

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