No. 388 NAI DT S9240

Memorandum by James J. McElligott on trade relations with Britain
(Memo B) (Copy)

Dublin, 4 December 1936


1. In connection with the Memorandum on the above subject circulated today to members of the Executive Council,1 the Minister for Industry and Commerce suggests that the decision of the Council should be on the following lines:-

  1. As a minimum, existing arrangements should be continued for another year.
  2. An effort should be made to secure increased quota facilities for, and a further reduction of duties on, Saorstát agricultural products exported to Great Britain; detailed proposals under these Heads to be settled by the Minister for Agriculture.
  3. An effort should be made to secure the abolition of the Ottawa duties.
  4. Advantage should be taken of the opportunity afforded by the negotiations to make enquiries regarding British plans for food supplies.

    (NOTE: Such an enquiry is reasonable because British plans may affect our production, price level, agricultural policy, etc. A new Department known as the Food (Defence Plans) Department was set up within the Board of Trade less than a week ago).

  5. The possibility of (a) a general trade agreement and (b) a financial settlement should be tentatively explored.

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