No. 2  NAI DFA 227/87

Memorandum on non-intervention in the Spanish Civil War from Maurice Moynihan to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)

Dublin, 1 January 1937

With reference to Mr. Murphy's1 letter of the 30th ultimo with enclosures in regard to matters arising out of the Agreement regarding Non-intervention in Spain, I have to inform you as follows:-

A. Supervision of Spanish Land and Sea frontiers.
It was agreed that the Government should contribute towards the cost, estimated at £620,000 per annum, of the proposed scheme of supervision over the land and sea frontiers of Spain and the Spanish dependencies, the operation of which would be dependent on its acceptance by the two parties in Spain.

It was decided, however, that when communicating this decision to the General Committee an inquiry should be made as to how the officers of the International Committee of Supervision are to be recruited.

B. Prohibition of exports to Spain.
In connection with the proposal to extend the present scope of the prohibition of exports to Spain to cover all classes of arms and war material, it was decided that a reply should be sent to the effect that as the types of arms and war materials covered by the proposal are not manufactured in the Saorstát, it would not appear necessary that any definite prohibition should be instituted in Saorstát Éireann.

[signed] Sean M. O'MUIMHNEACHÁIN
a.s. Rúnaí

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