No. 17 NAI DFA 227/87

Extract from a memorandum on non-intervention in the Spanish Civil War
from Seán Murphy to John W. Dulanty (London)1

Dublin, 3 February 1937

[matter omitted]2

With regard to the question of naval supervision in paragraph (e) of the questionnaire3, the Government of Saorstát Éireann are prepared to agree to whatever system is regarded by the International Committee as the most effective for the purpose.

With regard to the suggested prohibition of the transit of volunteers through Saorstát Éireann, the Government feel that it would be extremely difficult to enforce the prohibition in this matter. This aspect of the question is not one of much importance so far as Saorstát Éireann is concerned, as it is very unlikely that foreign volunteers will pass through Saorstát Éireann in transit to Spain.

[stamped] (Signed) SEÁN MURPHY

1 Marginal annotation: 'Sec[retar]y'.

2 The matter omitted repeats the text of the Cabinet minute above (No. 16).

3 Non-intervention committee Secret Paper N.I.S.36 (290), not printed.

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