No. 260 NAI DFA Secretary's Files P5

Extract from a letter from Robert Brennan to Joseph Scott1 (Los Angeles)
(Personal) (Copy)

Washington, 12 August 1940

[matter omitted]

The policy of neutrality, as you know, was decided on by the Government as the only policy which was feasible and advisable in the interests of the country, and of the ultimate unity and independence of the nation. It is supported by the three major parties and possibly by 95% of the people. It is not a bargaining point. Similarly, Ireland's claim to the restoration of the six counties is a simple national right, and no one has such a claim as to demand a price for granting it. Even if the British Government had offered an immediate end of partition, which they did not, any question relating to the continuance or otherwise of neutrality would have to be decided by the Parliament of the whole of Ireland.

I know that you are aware that this is the situation. I am glad to say that the Chief is delighted with the work you are doing.

1 Joseph Scott (1867-1958), prominent Los Angeles attorney and strong supporter of Irish nationalism; President of the American Congress for the Unity and Independence of Ireland and founder of the American League for an Undivided Ireland (1947).

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