No. 13  NAI DFA 205/4

Code telegram from Joseph P. Walshe to William Warnock (Berlin)
(46, 48, 50, 52 and 53) (Secret)

DUBLIN, 25 to 28 February 1941

Following instructions are precautionary and do not imply immediate danger.

1. In case of invasion here by State other than Germany, send formal note to Foreign Minister in terms which will be wired to you shortly. Be sure report of invasion is correct before taking action. Issue text to press and secure maximum publicity. Regard your primary task in new circumstances as propaganda. Use utmost efforts to foster sympathy and counter invader 's publicity justifying attack.

2. Act on instructions received from or through Washington Legation and send telegrams for Department to Washington for re-transmission here if direct communication is interrupted. With necessary assistance listen to medium wave transmission from Athlone day and night on effective receiver. If Athlone fails try 16.82 and 48.47 metres.

3. Am sending sufficient funds for three months to be used only in emergency.

4. Further instructions regarding same eventuality will be sent to you from time to time. Inform Department if any special points occur to you. If necessity arises observe instructions of 11 May 19401. Under present conditions Power referred to at parag. II (a) of instructions would probably be United States.

1 See DIFP VI, No. 171.

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