No. 237  NAI DFA Secretary's Files A20/4

G2 transcript of an intercepted phone conversation of 28 October 1942 between
Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin) and Edouard Hempel (Dublin) with covering letter
from Colonel Dan Bryan to Joseph P. Walshe

DUBLIN, 3 November 1942

Dear Joe,

I am returning the enclosed revised version of the original conversation and translation which you will see has now been amended.

I should explain perhaps that the original translation was done on an old machine in our office by one of our staff who has little practice in this kind of transcription and translation and the principal error which, though significant, is perhaps understandable, was due to the unsatisfactory results obtained from this machine. I hope you will find this transcription satisfactory.

Yours sincerely,
[signed] DAN BRYAN

(1) Dr?1
(2) Yes.
(1) I am going to say a little word in French
(1) between you understand    ) Voices speaking
(2) Yes, Yes                                     ) together
(2) Yes
(1) We have heard by our ordinary methods that you were called three times yesterday and twice today and that you were asked to answer, well, we know that you have not used that for a very long time.
(2) Yes.
(1) And I ask you urgently, Doctor, not to do it, because it would be a catastrophe.
(2) Yes.
(1) But I know you weren't going to do it, but only because I have been told, I am obliged to say this little word to you.
(2) Yes.
(1) So you understand?
(2) Yes, yes.
(1) Thank you very much doctor.
(2) Thank you. How are you?
(1) I am very well. How are you yourself, well?
(2) Very well. Thank you very much.
(1) Well, that's perfect. Au revoir. A bientot.
Further goodbyes.

1 (1) is Walshe, (2) is Hempel.

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