No. 183  NAI DFIN S71/17/40

Memorandum by Louis Fitzgerald on Ireland's contribution to the League of

DUBLIN, 14 February 1942

I enquired to-day from Mr. Boland, D/E.A. as to what action was being taken regarding the contribution to the League of Nations. He informed me that, as far as he understood, the Taoiseach and Tánaiste1 were to discuss the matter and the Tánaiste was thereafter to communicate to us the outcome of their deliberations.

I then had an interview with the Tánaiste who told me that he had discussed this matter with the Taoiseach, that the Taoiseach felt we were morally bound to pay the contribution while we had not given notice that we were breaking away from the League. I suggested that we might repeat the token provision of the current year and await developments. I mentioned also the D/E.A. point that the basis on which the assessment was made was of doubtful legality.2 The Tánaiste said that the Taoiseach saw object to the token provision as it would, if the contribution were paid, involve a S. E. in that year, and a S. E. would give rise to difficulties which would not be present if provision were made in the main Estimate. He had himself pointed out to the Taoiseach that as M/F3 he saw no reason for making this payment, particularly if it had been irregularly assessed. As the Taoiseach felt strongly about the moral obligation to pay he would, however, agree to provision being made in the 1942/43 Estimate to cover the 1941 contribution viz. £8,000 odd. He directed that action be taken accordingly.

Mr. Boland was notified of the position and undertook to submit the Estimate as early as possible on Monday morning.

[initialled] L. M. F.

1 Seán T O'Ceallaigh TD, who held the posts of Tánaiste and Minister for Finance.

2 See No. 179.

3 Minister for Finance.

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