No. 55 UCDA P150/2220

Letter from James McNeill to Eamon de Valera (Dublin)

Dublin, 24 May 1932

Dear Mr. President,

In accordance with your desire conveyed to me by Mr. Walshe some weeks ago I deferred the issue of invitations to a number of European Catholics to be my guests during the Eucharistic Congress. As the time had drawn near I asked Mr. Walshe a few days ago to come to see me on the matter, and I received from him with much surprise your message that the issue of the invitations would cause embarrassment to Government.

I have great difficulty in understanding how embarrassment to Government could arise from the presence as my guests in the Vice Regal Lodge of these distinguished Catholics.

I feel that the embarrassment, if it should arise, would not be sufficient to justify me in failing to make the contribution to the Congress which I had already arranged. I have already sent invitations to English Catholics which have been accepted. I regret that your Government is unable to assist me in inviting other visitors.

Yours truly,
[signed] James McNeill

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