No. 160 UCDA P150/1925

Instructions to plenipotentiaries from the Cabinet (Copy)

Dublin, 7 October 1921

(1) The Plenipotentiaries have full powers as defined in their credentials.1

(2) It is understood however that before decisions are finally reached on the main questions that a despatch notifying the intention of making these decisions will be sent to the Members of the Cabinet in Dublin and that a reply will be awaited by the Plenipotentiaries before the final decision is made.

(3) It is also understood that the complete text of the draft treaty about to be signed will be similarly submitted to Dublin and reply awaited.

(4) In case of break the text of final proposals from our side will be similarly submitted.

(5) It is understood that the Cabinet in Dublin will be kept regularly informed of the progress of the negotiations.

Eamon de Valera.

1 The plenipotentiaries were vested with such power from Dáil Éireann to 'negotiate and conclude on behalf of Ireland with the representatives of his Britannic Majesty, George V, a Treaty or Treaties of settlement, association and accommodation between Ireland and the community of nations known as the British Commonwealth.' (NAI, DE 2/304/1 7 October 1921).

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