No. 234 NAI DFA ES Paris 1922-23

Sean T O'Ceallaigh to George Gavan Duffy (Dublin)

Paris, 1 February 1922

A Chara,
In reply to your letter of January 26th1 re the letter sent in the names of Mr H.[arry] Boland and myself to various friends in Ireland asking them to support the existing Republic at the forthcoming Ard-Fheis of Sinn Fein, I desire to say that, while I did not write or sign that letter, I take nevertheless full responsibility for it.

As this letter of yours raises an important issue as to my freedom of political action in Ireland, I desire to call your attention to the fact that when I was asked to represent Ireland in Paris, I was not told that the fact of my being a diplomatic representative abroad, would impose upon me any obligation with regard to any political action I might see fit to take in Ireland.

During the three years of my tenure of the post of diplomatic representative of the Irish Republic, I have not hesitated to freely state my political views at any time the opportunity to do so was given me in Ireland. I was not at any time told that my post imposed upon me the obligation of silence so far as my political opinions were concerned.

Am I to understand from your letter that it is now your desire to put upon me an obligation to refrain from such political action as I may wish to take in Ireland.

Mise le meas mór,
Sean T O'Ceallaigh

1 Not printed.

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