No. 118 NAI DFA 2006/39

Letter from Joseph P. Walshe to John W. Dulanty (London)

Dublin, 1 February 1940

Dear High Commissioner,

The Department of Defence ordered trench mortar ammunition from the firm of Brandt, Paris, in the earlier months of last year, and an advance payment of £21,000 was made in June. The total amount of the order is £72,270. The details are as follows:-

23,390 rounds of 81 mm. Brandt trench mortar ammunition at £1.17.0 per round;

700 rounds of 81 mm. Brandt trench mortar ammunition at £3.17.0 per round.

This ammunition was to be made up in 2,166 packages.

The French firm has been postponing the delivery of this ammunition, putting forward different pretexts. Our Minister in Paris intervened with the French Government for the purpose of expediting delivery, but so far without effect. It now transpires that the cause of the delay is anxiety on the part of the French Government lest the British Government should object to the completion of the transaction. Although normally we should of course profoundly object to these suspicions on the part of the French Government, war conditions oblige us to swallow the affront. In the circumstances, there seems to be no alternative to taking the realist view and to asking the Secretary of State for the Dominions to have instructions issued to the British Embassy in Paris for the purpose of conveying to the French Government that the British Government have no objection.

I should be glad to know the answer received to your request as soon as possible.

The Department of Defence are, of course, aware that there will be difficulties in relation to transport, but it will be time enough to raise that question when we know that there is no further obstacle to the release of the ammunition.

Yours sincerely,
[signed] J.P. Walshe

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