No. 316 NAI DFA ES Rome 1921-1923

Michael Collins to W.T. Cosgrave (Dublin)

(GOV 45. C.493)

General Headquarters, Dublin, 18 August 1922


Application by Count O'Byrne
With reference to your note of the 5th instant and to the various communications attached to MICHEAL O hAODHA'S1 letter of the 10th instant: I am of opinion that this matter should be taken up as a serious one with COUNT O'BYRNE. It looks to me as if a rather bad mistake had been made in regard to the application, although indeed the full circumstances do not really transpire from the correspondence.

It is a matter of grave concern that such an application should be made through, apparently, a misunderstanding.

M[ichéal] O Coileáin

1 Michael Hayes.

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