Volume 1 1919~1922

Doc No.

No. 138Reprinted from Official correspondence relating to the peace negotiations June-September 1921 (Dublin, 1921)

Eamon de Valera to David Lloyd George (London)

Mansion House, Dublin, 8 July 1921

The desire you express on the part of the British Government to end the centuries of conflict between the peoples of these two islands, and to establish relations of neighbourly harmony, is the genuine desire of the people of Ireland.

I have consulted with my colleagues and secured the views of the representatives of the minority of our Nation in regard to the invitation you have sent me.

In reply, I desire to say that I am ready to meet and discuss with you on what bases such a Conference as that proposed can reasonably hope to achieve the object desired.

I am, Sir,
Faithfully yours,
Eamon de Valera

Editorial Note: A Truce was subsequently declared, to date from noon on July 11th. An Irish delegation led by Eamon de Valera accompanied by Robert Barton, Erskine Childers, Arthur Griffith, Count George Plunkett, Austin Stack, Kathleen O'Connell and Laurence O'Neill went to London. Eamon de Valera and David Lloyd George met four times at 10 Downing Street between 14 and 21 July. While in London de Valera also met Sir James Craig on 15 and 18 July.