Volume 4 1932~1936

Doc No.

No. 148 NAI DFA 11/9

Letter from Francis T. Cremins (for Joseph P. Walshe) to Seán Lester (Geneva)
(11/9) (Copy)

Dublin, 1 November 1932

With reference to your minute of 28th October, 1932, on the subject of the Armaments Truce, I am directed by the Minister to confirm the following telegram which was sent to you today:-

'117. Accept extension Armaments Truce as proposed, subject to interpretation of truce set out in final sentence paragraph 5 and in paragraph 6 of fifth section part one of report of Third Committee 12th Assembly.'

It is explained, for your information, that it was decided to depart somewhat from the terms of the reply in which this country accepted the first period of the Truce, for the reason that the Minister for Defence,1 in pursuance of the normal programme which was being developed prior to any question of an armaments truce having arisen, may require to increase slightly before the end of the current financial year the number of effectives and to constitute the armaments stocks accordingly. The same consideration is likely to apply to the next financial year.

It is pointed out, in this connection, that, as you are aware, the total armed forces of the Irish Free State hardly reach the normal 'police component' permissible for a State of this kind, not to mention at all any proportion in respect of a 'defence component'.

[stamped] (Signed) F.T. CREMINS

1 Frank Aiken.