Volume 5 1936~1939

Doc No.

No. 333 NAI DFA 217/28

Letter from Frederick H. Boland, for Joseph P. Walshe, to William Warnock (Berlin) enclosing a draft memorandum on the change of Irish Minister at Berlin

Dublin, 1 August 1939

I should be glad if you would address immediately to the German Foreign Office a note in the terms of the attached draft concerning Mr. Bewley's recall and the nomination of his successor.

There should of course be no publicity about the appointment pending the conclusion of the usual formalities.

[stamped] Signed F.H. BOLAND


I have the honour to inform you that my Government have decided to appoint Mr. Charles Bewley to a post in the Department of External Affairs in Dublin and that they propose to appoint as his successor Dr T.J. Kiernan, M.A., Ph.D., formerly Secretary to the High Commissioner's Office in London and now Acting Director of Broadcasting.

A biographical note of Dr Kiernan is attached1.

I have the honour to inquire whether Dr Kiernan's appointment as Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of Ireland to Germany is acceptable to the German Government.

1 Not printed.