DIFP projects and educational resources

DIFP has also developed a number of ancillary projects alongside the main DIFP series. These include exhibitions on Ireland’s accession to the European Union and membership of the United Nations, a publication on diplomatic relations between Ireland and Japan, an online exhibition on Ireland’s international sovereignty from 1919 to 1949 (in collaboration with UCD Archives), and teaching resources for second-level history. PDF copies of many of these can be downloaded from the Digital Repository of Ireland. DIFP also played a central role as a partner in developing and co-curating the National Archives’ landmark centenary exhibition The Treaty, 1921: Records from the Archives.

DIFP staff have also researched and written an illustrated history of Irish foreign policy since 1919: John Gibney, Michael Kennedy, Kate O’Malley, Ireland: A voice among the nations (RIA, 2019).