No. 65 UCDA P80/14

Dáil Éireann Report on Propaganda

Dublin, 10 March 1921

Report On Propaganda Department

Since the last Report was submitted by this Department to a Session of Dail Eireann (January 18th 1921),1 the Director of the Department has been arrested.

A new Director has been appointed and the work of the Department in all its services has been carried on as usual. The 'Bulletin' is circulated daily to two hundred English newspapers and public men, and weekly to three hundred other persons including many Continental and Colonial newspapers and journalists. The enemy Government have made repeated endeavours to prevent the circulation of the 'Bulletin'. They have been successful in a minority of instances. The 'Bulletin', however, still reaches the greater number of those for whom it is intended and is used with effect by many of its recipients.

The Department assisted in the publication of the pamphlet 'Who burnt Cork City?' which has had an extensive sale in England.

The interviewing of foreign journalists has been somewhat disorganised since the arrest of Mr. Desmond FitzGerald, but it is hoped shortly to rectify this.

Better communication with foreign countries and the colonies is being arranged, and preparations have also been made to extend the work and the production of the Department.

Steps have been taken to maintain closer touch with the Irish Press and to supply it, so far as can be safely done, with information of an authoritative character.

This Department would suggest to all members of the Dail to arrange in their constituencies for the collection of signed statements from the victims of enemy aggression, especially in the case of murders, floggings and attacks on women.

Director of Propaganda

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