No. 84 NAI DFA ES Box 32 File 223

Maurice Moore to Robert Brennan


Civil Service Club, Capetown, 25 May 1921

A Chara,
[Matter omitted]

Smuts sails to-day for Imperial Conference. He thinks important questions may rise and wishes to be in close connection with an authority which can say YES or NO. Owing to the fight he has had here against a S.A. Republic he cannot go as far as an Irish Republic. More of the Party in power can but he will I believe go as far as Repeal of Union, which is practically the same as what he calls the new 'Higher Status' of the Dominions. If the Home people can get him further well and good, but I thought it good to get him that far.

Of course Repeal now is far better now than in Grattan's day because the King would have to follow his Irish not his English Ministers, and the Lord Lieutenant would be appointed by Irish Ministers. However that is the farthest I could persuade, whether it is good or not.
[Matter omitted]

Mise do Chara,
Muiris O'Mordha

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