No. 249 NAI DFA ES Box 17 File 111

Unsigned letter1 to Michael Collins (Dublin)

(Confidential) (Copy)

7 March 1922

U. S. A.

A Chara,
In the course of conversation today, Archdeacon Murphy suggested that Denis McCullough would be a suitable person to send to America. I am sorry that the suggestion came from him, but I think the idea is undoubtedly a good one, and I should like you to consider it. Smiddy is not connected with the same organisations as Denny2, and this may be a very material point. Moreover, Harry Boland may be going out to do party propaganda, and I think it would be extremely useful to have a man of long standing and of good record out there with definite instructions to utilise the transition period to make peace between the two groups. It seems to me that it would be difficult to get a better man than Denny for the purpose.

If you agree, he might be sent out as Special Commissioner for the Republic, under Professor Smiddy, and while Smiddy would mainly look after finance and diplomacy, the other man would tackle the reorganising of friendly relations between our separated groups in America.

Le meas,

1 Copy letter gives no traceable indication as to sender.

2 Denis McCullough of the Irish Republican Brotherhood.

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