No. 258 NAI DFA ES Box 33 File 234

George Gavan Duffy to John Chartres (Paris)

(Copy) (Confidential and purely personal)

Dublin, 29 March 1922

My dear Chartres,
I have your personal letter of the 27th instant1 and I may say at once, that so far as I am concerned, I should welcome your return to Berlin. The difficulty is to find a man for Paris, and, if you can indicate such a man, I shall be delighted; I mean someone really suitable.

For your private information, what I should have liked to do at present would have been to put Charles Bewley in charge of Berlin until you could return and then to transfer him to Munich or Vienna; it is only out of personal regard for you and in view of the strong opinion you expressed, that I did not make this arrangement.

I have known Bewley for several years and have a high regard for him. I know he is mad on the Jewish question and the incident you reported in your No. 12 was inexcusable; (the other gentleman referred to in No. 1 is an undesirable person). It has seemed to me, however, that probably as a result of your conversation with Bewley in regard to that question, an unnecessary coolness has sprung up between you and Bewley, which is most regrettable. I wish you could get to know him better.

In the other matter at issue, I am not at all convinced that you are right, but I am anxious to get it cleared up; either you owe honourable amends or a public denunciation of the person concerned is called for; I feel that we shall have a lot of trouble unless this matter is cleared up definitely.

I think it will be absolutely necessary for me to see you about these and many other matters within the next four or five weeks; it is just possible I may go to Munich at Easter; if not, I shall probably ask you to take an early opportunity of coming to Dublin.

Sincerely yours,
George Gavan Duffy

1 Not printed

1 No. 230.

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