No. 297 NAI DFA ES Box 6 File 37(2)

Cover letter from George Gavan Duffy to W.T. Cosgrave on memorandum of June 1922


Dublin, 20 June 1922

A Chara,
As outgoing Minister of Foreign Affairs, I am anxious to leave on record certain facts and suggestions connected with the future of this Department, the very great possibilities of which are apt to be lost sight of in the rush of more insistent matters. Accordingly, I enclose a confidential memorandum on the subject for your private information.

In view of the fact that your Excellency at a recent Cabinet Meeting expressed the view that our Foreign Affairs, other than commercial, would be a matter of no importance, I have the honour to commend this memorandum to your perusal in the hope that it may induce a modified point of view.

Le meas,
S. Ghabháin Uí Dhubhthaigh

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