No. 319 NAI DFA ES Box 34 File 239

John Chartres to Michael Hayes

Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, 6 September 1922

May I make the following brief suggestions on two points referred to in our conversation yesterday?

1. If 'foreign affairs' are transferred to 'economic affairs,' the combined Ministry, I think, should be known as the Ministry of Economic and Foreign Affairs.

It would, in my view, be desirable to keep the title of Foreign Affairs alive officially, not only on account of the principle involved and possible future developments, but also because it is at present required in many connections. Further, it would give the Foreign Representative, even in informal conversations, a locus standi which otherwise he would lack. This point is of significance in Germany where designation is expected to correspond with function.

2. The Foreign Representative might, perhaps, be entitled 'Commissioner.' Under him would be co-ordinated all Irish activities - policy, political and commercial; negotiations with government officials and other persons; detailed consular work; publicity; reports; and the collection and dissemination of every kind of useful information.

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