No. 251 NAI DFA ES Box 33 File 234

Charles Bewley to George Gavan Duffy (Dublin)


Berlin, 21 March 1922

A Chara,
I have received another letter from Mr McBride, urgently1 me strongly to stand for Mayo, and stating that my name has been favourably received wherever he has mentioned it in the constituency. I find the matter rather difficult to decide, but have come to the following conclusion:-

You may remember that, before I first came out here, I told you that my intention was to offer myself for the post of political envoy in Germany whenever an opportunity presented itself, and you told me there was no reason why I should not do so. I understand that the position is now vacant as Mr Chartres is going to Paris. I would therefore wish to offer myself for the post.

I do not know whether it is the intention of the Government to have in the future two representatives in Germany - one for political matters and one for trade. The two matters very frequently clash e.g. the 'Irishches Bulletin' is at present mostly concerned with trade matters, and Mr Chartres' interview in the 'Irish Times' of March 18th. dealt with them exclusively. I have for some time past felt my position an anomalous one, as Mr Chartres was sometimes dealing with matters which perhaps came more naturally within my province, and I was looking into matters such as commercial treaties which were semi-political: in fact I had already prepared a memorandum on the subject which it is now perhaps unnecessary to send. I feel that the more responsible portion of my work should properly be done by a commercial attaché of the Delegation and be under the supervision of the political head, as is, I understand, more or less the case in other countries.

I have, therefore, come to the conclusion that my best course is to offer myself for the position which Mr Chartres holds. If another appointment is made, I do not think, for the reasons above mentioned, that my present position would justify me remaining here, and I would accept the invitation to stand for Mayo.

I have not made any application to any member of the Government with regard to the vacant position; but I thought it best to put my whole attitude frankly before you, as the question of my retiring and standing for Mayo has already come up.

I would in many ways be extremely sorry to leave Germany where I believe that owing to my knowledge of the language and sympathy with the people I can do useful work; but, as I have said, my position is a somewhat anomalous one, and I believe that I am taking the right course.

Le meas mór,
Charles Bewley

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