No. 305 NAI DFA ES Box 37

George Gavan Duffy to Michael Collins (Dublin)

Dictated (Copy)

Dublin, 25 July 1922

Ireland and the League Of Nations

A Chara,
I have your letter of the 22nd inst.1 by which I am much obliged.

I agree with you that we must definitely make up our minds whether or not we want to be in the League of Nations. Personally I am very strongly in favour of our joining it. The only reason that I can see against joining it is the offence that our application may give to some of the Irish-American politicians; however, [Denis] McCullough and Joe Connolly both advise strongly that it is necessary for us to emancipate ourselves in America from anything like control by, or too close connection with those gentlemen as regards America; much more so as regards Europe.

I think the great advantage of our joining the League, involving among other things, settlement of all disputes between us and England and by arbitration instead of by force of arms and threats of War, greatly outweighs any objection there may be.

I was sorry not to be able to see you yesterday in order to have an opportunity of urging upon you this point of view.

You will recollect that we have private advice to the effect that President Harding and his Administration are anxious to find some plausible excuse for joining the League of Nations, in spite of the former opposition of their party to the League.

Mise do chara,
George Gavan Duffy

1 No. 304.

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