No. 274 NAI DE 2/269

Arthur Griffith to Hugh Law, Secretary of the Irish Save the Child

Committee (Dublin)

Dublin, 10 April 1922.

A Chara,
The Cabinet of Dail Eireann sends herewith cheque value £1,000. to Saor an Leanbh Committee to assist them in the work they are doing in relieving distress in the famine-stricken area in Russia.

Ireland cannot remain unmoved by the knowledge of the terrible misery which afflicts so many millions of Russians.

Our own history, marked as it is by recurrent famines, must necessarily make us only the more keenly alive to the call of humanity.

We recognise that the claims of suffering humanity do not stop short at National Frontiers, and now that we are at last taking possession of our own country and hope to make her future prosperous and happy, we know also that it is the duty of all peoples to assist each other in their hour of need.

We feel sure that the appeal your Committee makes on behalf of the thirty-three millions who are affected by the present famine, and particularly for the children who are dying daily from starvation, will receive the whole-hearted support of the people of Ireland.

Mise le meas mór,
Arthur Griffith

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