175 No. UCDA P4/901

Extract from a letter from Hugh Kennedy to Edward Phelan (London)

DUBLIN, 18 December 1923

My dear Mr. Phelan,

This is a preliminary note by way of reconciliation. I humbly admit that I have received your series of most important and informing letters and documents and that I have from day to day meant to write you a long letter discussing various points upon the matters of your communications; but unfortunately on my return from Geneva, I was plunged into my own contested election and immediately after that, was plunged into very important Bills in the Dáil, which were special concerns of mine. I have had my first breathing space since I saw you last during the last two days, and I am breathing rapidly as I look round upon the accumulation of office work that waits to be tackled.

I hope to write you a long letter soon, but in the meantime I write you this line upon the subject of yours of the 8th, written at Geneva.

The matter which you raise with reference to the amendment of Article 393 of the Treaty of Versailles is of course a serious matter calling for definite action on our part. Fortunately, we are in a position to take the matter up, as we have been informed officially of it since the receipt of your letter. Suffice it to say now that we have the matter in hand with a view to definitely asserting our position.

I was not present myself at the Imperial Conference in London, but I understand that our representatives were not dissatisfied with the course matters took in relation to treaties. Clear, separate, national ratification by the government and parliament of each Dominion is recognised as essential before any Dominion is committed to any particular treaty.

[Matter omitted]

With kindest regards,
Very sincerely yours,
[copy letter unsigned]
(Hugh Kennedy)

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