No. 21 NAI DFA ES Paris 1922-23

Vaughan Dempsey to Desmond FitzGerald (Dublin)

PARIS, 25 January 1923

A Chara:
[Matter omitted]


I have certain reasons for knowing that there will be in the near future an intense effort made by the Irregular party to obtain a position in France as distinct from the Free State. You already have knowledge in your hands of this contemplated move. In view of this I would respectfully and urgently suggest that the position of this office be regularised by means of letters accrediting us, for otherwise there is no possibility of our being taken seriously by the French Government. If we are to counter-act this move of the Irregulars, then we must be officially recognised at the earliest possible moment.

If the Government decides to take action against the representatives of the Irregulars in Paris it will be irksome if not futile owing to the absence of recognised status of the Free State in France, without which recognition and accredition the French Government cannot take official cognisance of any action brought by our Government.

Otherwise, since we don't exist officially in France, the whole atmosphere and condition of Irish affairs in France will take upon themselves the appearance of political bickering which will be irritating to the French Government and will seem undignified if not ludicrous to the French people - thus we lose in prestige.

Is mise, le meas mór,

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