No. 98 NAI DFA Letter Books (Paris 1923-24)

Osmonde Grattan Esmonde to Sean Murphy (Paris)

DUBLIN, 27 July 1923

A Chara,

As you are already aware, most of the prominent Powers have recently appointed, or are about to appoint, Consuls-General in Dublin to look after their relations with the Irish Free State. Within the last two months the Belgian and Argentine representatives have arrived, and the Italian Consul has been promoted to the higher status.

We understand that Germany has appointed her Consul-General who is expected in the near future.

With the suppression of the Rebellion and the happy return to normal conditions, the social life of the Capital is reviving, and it would be a source of much regret to the Irish Government if in the usual official functions and ceremonies the Representative of France should be precluded because of his rank from taking the privileged place of honour which is his due and which the Government is so anxious to give him.

The Minister would be very glad if you could bring this matter to the notice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and at the same time acquaint them of the very high regard - and indeed affection - in which M. Alfred Blanche is held, not only in official circles but among all sections of the Community.

Taking into consideration the friendly relations of the Free State with the British Government, and our admitted right to intervene in the conduct of British Foreign Policy, there are probably many other aspects of the case which might strike you and to which you might refer when bringing the matter to the notice of the French Authorities.

Le meas,
[copy letter unsigned]

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