No. 89 NAI DT S1801C

William T. Cosgrave to Stanley Baldwin (London)

DUBLIN, 9 June 1923

Dear Prime Minister,

Immediately upon the Houses of the Parliament of Northern Ireland presenting an address pursuant to Article 12 of the Anglo-Irish Treaty which had the effect of suspending the powers of the Government and Parliament of the Free State in the Six North-Eastern Counties of Ulster, the Government of the Free State took in hands the preparation of the case to be submitted on our behalf to the Boundary Commission constituted under the same Article. Our preparations are nearing completion and we shall be very soon in a position to announce to you the name of the Commissioner we are nominating and to ask that the Commission proceed with its task.

I am aware that many within the Six Counties, whose interests before the Commission are common with ours, have also been steadily working at their cases for inclusion in the area under the authority of the Government and Parliament of the Free State and I believe that they are ready, or practically ready, to meet the Commission.

I assume that any interests adverse to ours have similarly got to work since the presentation of the addresses made the Commission inevitable, but my colleagues and I think it fair to you that I should let you know a little in advance that a formal request that the Commission proceed will be made shortly on our part. There will thus be a greater opportunity of considering the personnel of the Commission so far as its nomination rests with the British Government and the Government of Northern Ireland and any hitch or delay upon the receipt of our formal note may be avoided.;

Yours sincerely,
[signed] L.T. MACCOSGAIR

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