No. 107 NAI DFA Minister’s Office Files (1924-25)

Handwritten letter from James McNeill to Desmond FitzGerald (Dublin)

LONDON, 9 August 1923

Dear D.[esmond] F.[itzGerald]

I had a talk to-day with Mr. Justice Cohalan. We talked rather generally, & he told me some facts connected with de V.[alera]'s visit to the States. I am sure that he will appreciate having monies1 taken for him, & I felt that Tom2 would not mind being troubled with an appeal for aid.

He seemed to be anxious to impress me with the need for understanding that our friends in America must be regarded primarily as American citizens though of Irish race or even of Irish birth, & that the Irish in America who remained 'the Irish in America' could effect nothing3 of value. He also stated that much financial aid would be forthcoming if our actions indicated that we were not tied up to England economically, that we would actively set about developing outside markets.

I told him of Sunday's political meeting & gathered that he would like much to see for himself the public attitude. I suggested nothing.4 You now know what he would like.

Yours sincerely,

1Not discernible.

2'Jim'? - not discernible.

3Not discernible.

4Not discernible.

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