No. 116 UCDA P80/1404

Extract from a handwritten letter from Desmond FitzGerald to Mabel
FitzGerald1 (Dublin)

GENEVA, September 1923

My dear Mabel

Sorry not to have written before. Usual trouble when I get a chance no paper. People coming every minute &c. I started off four times yesterday to send a wire and stopped each time.

History of last few days this. I was to come straight to Geneva but Italian Consul and [three words not legible] at D. Laoghaire both besought me to go to Genoa as Fascisti there know me. Frightful crossing to England, everyone sick, short time in London. [Matter omitted]

Rough crossing to France, reception at Calais, at Paris. No time for anything in Paris. So many of us, always someone lost. Had dinner at Grand Hotel, not finished till nearly 11 o'c. Usual trouble nearly missing train in morning. Arrived Geneva 5 a.m. Saturday. Fascist reception. Slept morning. Drove with Fascisti to see all town afternoon, nothing in the evening. Sunday all except Kennedy & I went to Bobbio. Fascist took us [three words not legible] to Sta. Margherita, Porto Fino, Rapallo. More beautiful than any place ever seen. Came back first thing Monday, arrived 1.30 a.m. Tuesday, fiddled all yesterday. This morning just summoned to meeting. All details when I return. Hope all is well. Children returned? Hope Gladys2 well.



1Mabel McConnell, FitzGerald's wife (married 1911).

2Gladys Hynes, a close friend of the family.

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