No. 62 NAI DT S2198

Extract from minutes of a meeting of the Executive Council (C. 1/85)

DUBLIN, 12 noon, 17 April 1923

Reference was made to a statement appearing in the morning's issue of the Irish Independent that Mgr. Luzio was,

'now free to devote his entire services to the interests of peace, and that in this capacity he will be directly representing the Holy Father, and that Mgr. Luzio's time and services will be at the disposal of all those, no matter what their political convictions may be who desire the fulfilment of that end',

and quoting a message given by Mgr. Luzio through his Secretary, to the representative of that paper.

It was decided that a letter should be sent to His Holiness the Pope drawing attention to the fact that Mgr. Luzio, having come to the Free State under the cloak of an ecclesiastical mission, was now endeavouring to interfere in the domestic affairs of the country without having sought or received permission from the Government, and pointing out that his action was an encouragement to the Forces of disorder and anarchy operating against the Government and the people.

It was arranged that the Minister of Education1 should prepare Headings for a letter, to be drafted by the Minister of External Affairs in consultation with the Attorney General2 and that the draft should be submitted to the Executive Council at tomorrow's meeting.

It was further decided that His Grace the Archbishop of Dublin3 should be advised of the action taken by the Government in regard to the matter.

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