No. 267 NAI DT S3920

Osmond Grattan Esmonde to William T. Cosgrave (Dublin)

Dublin, 24 August 1924

Dear President,1

I write to urge most strongly that you should attend the Assembly of the League of Nations this year; if only for part of the time.

It would seem that not only McDonald2 and Herriot,3 but also Mussolini,4 will lead their respective Delegations; and several other Heads of Governments will be present.

In view of the comparative insignificance of the Dominion delegations, Mr MacDonald would be looked upon as the spokesman of the whole Empire. In your absence we would be reduced to a very subordinate position, at a moment when such is not advisable. Owing to the authority of the leading delegates, and the close connection between this year's proceedings and the recent London Conference, it will be the most important Assembly yet held.

The fact that it has already been published that you are not attending would give added significance to your visit. In any case it is quite obvious that nothing will happen at home during September, seeing that the Unionist Party have decided to allow the Boundary Bill through the Lords, and that Sir James has gone to the Baltic Sea!

Yours very sincerely,
[signed] O. Grattan Esmonde

1 Marginal note reads:'Answered personally bt the President 4/9/24'.

2 Ramsay MacDonald.

3 Edouard Herriot.

4 Benito Mussolini.

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