No. 260 NAI DT S1801J

Extract from minutes of a meeting of the Executive Council (C.2/123)

Dublin, 3 August 1924


The President submitted a report regarding his conference with representatives of the British Government in London on the 2nd inst. relative to Art.12 of the Treaty. During portions of the Conference representatives of the Northern Government had been present.

The following had represented the respective Governments:-

Representing the Irish Free State.

President Cosgrave.

Mr. J. O'Byrne - the Att. General.

Representing British Government.

Mr. R. McDonald, Prime Minister.

Mr. J.H. Thomas, Secy of State for the Colonies.

Representing Northern Government

Lord Londonderry and Mr. Pollock, Nthern.Min. for Finance.

Arising out of the situation created by the replies given by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council to certain questions referred to them by His Majesty's Government relating to Art. 12 of the Treaty, that Government proposed to introduce legislation into the British Parliament - similar legislation being introduced into the Oireachtas - amending the Treaty so as to enable the British Govt. to appoint the Commissioner who under the Treaty should be appointed by the Nthern. Govt.

For this purpose a draft Agreement to be signed jointly by the President and the British Prime Minister and to be embodied by way of a Schedule in the respective Bills had been drawn up and had been approved by Mr. F. Greer and by the Irish Attorney General.


The draft Agreement, copy of which is appended was considered by the Executive Council and approved, and the President was authorised to affix his signature thereto jointly with the British Prime Minister for the purpose stated.1

The President mentioned that the Prime Minister proposed to introduce the necessary legislation into Parliament during the week and then to allow the House to adjourn in the usual course until late in October. On its reassembly the Bill would be taken up immediately and proceeded with to a finish.

This proposal was discussed at length by the Exec. Council and it was decided that the delay entailed thereby could not be entertained, and that the immediate passage of the Bill through the British Parliament before adjournment should be insisted on.

A letter to this effect to be signed by the President was drawn up and approved for issue.2

The corresponding Bill will be introduced into the Oireachtas immediately on its reassembly on the 12th instant.

1See below No. 262.

2See below No. 261.

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