No. 213 NAI DT S1801P

Extracts from a letter from James McNeill to William T. Cosgrave (Dublin)

London, 7 May 1924

My dear President,

Many thanks for your letter. I know how busy you are.

[Matter omitted]

I met Craig at a public dinner a few evenings ago. We exchanged civilities and mutual wishes that a peaceful solution would be found. I talked no detail. He said he felt sure you would like that and desired an assurance as to Kevin O'Higgins. I said the latter would be no opponent of a peaceful solution if that could be arranged.

I think the full report of K. O'H's speech in the 'Times' is useful. It is something that it is regarded as prudent to give the full report.

I have been asked by friendly inquirers if there was any risk that 'Republicans' would weaken instead of strengthening the firmness of our stand. I opined they would not. Could any of them be got to commend the Commission?

Yours sincerely,
(Signed) James McNeill

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