No. 298 NAI DFA 417/105

Michael MacWhite to Joseph P. Walshe (Dublin)
(N.S. 01/224)

GENEVA, 18 December 1924

A Chara,

The highest officials at the Secretariat of the League are naturally somewhat reluctant to talk of the situation that has arisen as a result of the British note concerning the registration of the Anglo-Irish Treaty. Nevertheless, I have reason to know that they fully hold that the registration is well within the conditions laid down by Article 18 of the Covenant and is in accordance with the interpretation of the said Article, which was approved by the League Council at its Third Session at Rome in May 1920.

It is generally felt, not only in League circles, but amongst the enlightened public, that the English Tory Government attempted to strike a blow at the prestige of the League and of the Saorstát at the same time, but that they will very likely be hoist on their own petard because of the energetic way in which the Irish Government took up the challenge and refused to be bullied in the matter. Your attitude meets with universal approval and sympathy and the League are afraid that you may eventually call on them to decide the issue which the British have raised.

The American Press will exploit the whole affair to the fullest. Fortunately all the principal news agencies were represented here because of the Opium Conference and, whilst remaining in the background, I was able to supply them with material which they used to advantage. Three of those agencies cabled between 2000 and 2400 words each. The New York World has requested its representatives in Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand to obtain the views of those different Governments on the subject, so that you will probably have cognisance of them before this letter reaches you.

Is mise, le meas,
[signed] M. MAC WHITE

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