No. 263 NAI DFA ES Brussels

Joseph P. Walshe to Count Gerald O'Kelly de Gallagh (Brussels)
(261/110) (Copy)

Dublin, 5 August 1924

A Chara,

I am directed to acknowledge receipt of your letter No: 570/E/24 of the 1st instant regarding the three Russian Students who desire to visit the Saorstát.

The reason for refusing admission is that it does not appear from the information at our disposal that these students have sufficient resources to maintain themselves during their proposed visit. Your telegram suggested that they might stay with the Christian Brothers and in your letter under reply you speak of friends of Sister Kavanagh. The attitude of the Department of Justice is that they cannot allow aliens to enter the Saorstát unless they are satisfied that the aliens will not become a charge on the public funds owing to lack of means. Unless you can guarantee that these students will be able to support themselves it is useless to ask the Department of Justice to re-consider their decision.

Le meas,
[copy letter unsigned]
t.c. Rúnaí

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