No. 16 NAI DFA EA 201

Despatch from T.M. Healy to L.S. Amery (London)

Dublin, 15 June 1926


I have the honour to refer to your Confidential Telegram of the 14th May concerning the proposals for the Imperial Conference outlined in the Prime Minister's message of the 1st April, and to inform you that my Ministers concur in the preliminary agenda. The headings appear to them to be sufficiently comprehensive to allow of any question affecting the interests of the Commonwealth or any part of it to be raised thereunder. It is of course assumed that an opportunity will be given during the Conference for special discussion on any matters other than those on the Agenda which in the course of the discussions may appear to need special consideration.

2. My Ministers wish to express their gratitude for the Prime Minister's kind offer of hospitality to the Irish Delegation. They note that the general question of the incidence of hotel expenses will be raised at the Conference. It will be understood however that the position of the Irish Free State in this matter, without prejudice to whatever general agreement may be arrived at in the future, has been somewhat different from that of the other Nations of the Commonwealth. Since the establishment of the Irish Free State, my Ministers have had to make frequent visits to London for the purpose of discussing important matters of mutual interest. The proximity of our Capitals to each other has imposed this method of personal discussion as the most obvious means of arriving at rapid decisions. On all these occasions as well as on the occasion of the 1923 Conference, the expenses of the Irish Delegation were borne by the Irish Free State Government. My Ministers therefore, while very much appreciating the Prime Minister's offer, feel that there should not be a departure from existing practice until the matter has been considered at the Conference.

I have the honour to be,
Your most obedient, humble Servant,
(Sgd.) T. M. Healy

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