No. 51 NAI DFA Unregistered Papers

Rough notes by Joseph P. Walshe on the diplomatic representation of the Dominions in London

London, undated October 1926

Re: Dominion Representatives in London

1. They should be given the same privileges as Foreign Representatives with regard to access to Ministers or their authorised representatives.

2. Their chief function should be to receive and to give explanations. They should receive automatically all the communications taking place between their Govt and the British Govt.

3. The Secretary or the Counsellor of the High Commissioners office would more properly act as Liaison Officer.

4. The main object of the Representative would be to keep his Govt informed as to any line of policy particularly affecting them so that they [sentence unfinished]

5. Each High Commissioner should chiefly endeavour to find out to what extent his own Dominion may be interested in any particular line of policy so that the Dominion may be able to secure full representation in any deliberations leading to a war or other serious international crisis.

Liaison Officer - No Authority

High Commissioners should be placed in the position of a Minister Plenipotentiary.

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