No. 71 NAI DFA LN 65

Letter from Joseph P. Walshe to Michael MacWhite (Geneva)
(L.N. 65/42) (Copy)

Dublin, 25 March 1927

A Chara,

With reference to your M.L.03/0200 of the 15th instant,1 I am directed to inform you that we are in communication with the British Government concerning the statement made by Sir Austen Chamberlain at the Council Meeting and will inform you of the result.

The British Government has informed the Saorstát Government that they intended to raise the question of the form of League treaties at the Council Meeting. The Saorstát Government agreed on condition that it was formally stated by Sir Austen Chamberlain that he had been requested by the Dominions to do so. That was the only way to prevent the assumption that the British Representative was exercising no exceptional function in speaking for the Dominions. Our object in laying down this condition was, of course, clear to the British and they tried to mend their hand by the Addendum. However, they have gone so far that the Canadians, if they wish to maintain the right of the Dominions to separate membership of the Council, will be obliged either to go up for election themselves this year or to give us their open support.

Le meas,
[Copy letter unsigned]

1 See No.68

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