No. 62 NAI DT S4731

Despatch from T.M. Healy to L.S. Amery (London)
(No. 46) (Copy)

Dublin, 19 February 1927


With reference to your despatch, No. 18 of the 24th January, concerning the channel of communication between His Majesty's Governments and the date on which the new procedure should be initiated, I have the honour to inform you that my Ministers desire that the new procedure should be initiated as soon as possible between His Majesty's Governments in Great Britain and in the Irish Free State, and they suggest the 1st May as a date which might be fixed.

2. They understand that a longer period of preparation may be imposed by distance and the consequent difficulty of communication as far as the Overseas Dominions are concerned, but my Ministers are prepared to begin the new procedure at once and they hope that the arrangements necessary on your side may be completed before the date suggested above.

3. The Minister for External Affairs henceforth will have sole charge of all communications with the Dominions Office and it is accordingly to him that all communications from your Office should be addressed as from the date of the change.

I have the honour to be,
Your most obedient, humble Servant,
[stamped] (Sgd.) T.M. Healy.

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